About Us
Both the brands are also well established and have penetrated into the fruit juice market aggressively by commanding considerable market share. We have also forayed into the aerated fruit drink segment with the launch of “Fresh Fizzy.”
We are also aggressively marketing our products in institutional category. Presently our products viz. biscuits and fruit juices are supplied to Airlines, Hotels, Railways, Canteens Stores Department (CSD) and organized retail outlets.
We are also diversifying into manufacturing of “chocolate and toffee & candy” through our wholly owned subsidiary “Surya Processed Food Pvt. Ltd.” at Haridwar, Uttarakhand, where various fiscal benefits are available.
Our strategy of strengthening the brands especially the umbrella brand “Priyagold” has resulted in creating immense brand recall value.  We are continuing with our effort of strengthening the brand with a scientific approach, which will result in growth of customer base, price premium, consumer loyalty which is expected to result in increased earning and ultimately enhancing enterprise value of our company.
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