Thankful To Mr. Shrey Agarwal

We extend our hearfelt thanks to Mr. Shrey Agarwal, Director, Surya Fresh Foods Ltd., who within a short span of time has helped Priyagold to make successful foray in Snacks Food with brands like Mambo and Chachi Fry.

Thankful To Mr. Manas Agarwal

We are indebted to Mr. Manas Agarwal, Management Trainee of our company, for his untiring efforts on Hunk Choco Caramel Nouga Bar --- from developing the product, forming strategies to its formal launch.

Thankful To Mr. Anand Oberoi

We would also like to thank our media cum creative agency Oberoi IBC for providing us apt media plan, in-film advertising opportunities and effective creative for more than a decade under guidance of Mr. Anand Oberoi.

Thankful To Mr. Naved Akhtar and Mr. Freddy Birdy

We are also extremely thankful to our agency Shop, which under stewardship of Mr. Naved Akhtar and Mr. Freddy Birdy has been providing us creative inputs also for more than a decade.

Thankful To Mr. Ricky Singh Bedi

We extend our hearfelt thanks to Passion Film India whose CEO and Producer Mr. Ricky Singh Bedi has helped us to come out with some lovely television commercials and in-film associations for almost a decade.

Thankful To All

We are also thankful to all management officials, associates, agencies, employees, workers and vendors for their relentless efforts to make Priyagold a front runner. We regret for not being able to mention each name seperately.