Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and to contribute to nation’s economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local communities and society at large.

Being a good corporate citizen is an ambition enthusiastically embraced at all levels within our company. SURYA FOOD & AGRO LTD., as a responsible Corporate Citizen, has practiced the CSR model of "Creating Shared Values", by reaching out to the, community and society who are directly or indirectly involved in its business operations. It has identified focus areas for its CSR Programs - Hunger, Poverty and Malnutrition, Promoting Health Care, Child Care & Education, Health Care, Skill Development and Community Development to make a difference to the underprivileged.

Company implementated its CSR Activities with suitable programs/projects/activities as per the Company’s CSR Policy and the activities enumerated under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, for execution/implementation in line with the CSR objectives of the Company that will benefit the community for which those programmes are intended. The implementation of the CSR programs/projects/activities undertaken by the Company through independently registered trust or registered society or Section 8 Company that have a record of at least three years in similar such related activities and these trust & society are in position to report separately on such projects or programs in accordance with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014.

SURYA FOOD & AGRO LTD. collaborate with Registered Trusts/Societies for the its CSR Projects of long duration focusing on overall sustainable development in a given time frame requiring a dedicated team and full time attention shall be considered for implementation through reputed Registered Trusts/Societies functioning in similar activities. Registered Trusts/Societies shall be identified based on their credentials and long standing performance in respective fields and shall have an established track record of three years in undertaking similar programs or projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


ISKCON has been serving complimentary meals to nearly 250 residents of this Colony, since 2014. We offer a Menu of dal rice, kadhi rice, chole rice, rajma rice or puri halwa occasionally by rotation, to the residents of Lepers Colony.

The Satyajeevan Lepers Colony is Located in Raja Dgeersen Marg, New Delhi and accommodates more than 250 citizens of all ages, affected unfortunately by Leprosy.

Lepers are some of the most neglected lot in society as they are generally not considered an integral part of the social mainstream. Through our small efforts, we seek to make them feel “wanted”. ISKCON’s philosophy focuses on dealing with all living entities in a non-discriminatory and loving manner as they are parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

As per the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition are prominent areas of focus and so, by the kind contribution of Surya food & Agro Ltd. we could serve these needy men and women, free meals daily. More than 260 brother and sisters of Satyajeevan colony have thus been beneficiaries of the support. Surya Food and Agro Limited has successfully brought smiles on these sad faces.

Multispecialty Mega Medical Camps

Company contribute for multispecialty mega camps through Registered Trusts/Societies in the area in which doctors from almost all the specialties from different cities provide their free services. In this camp free food is also offered to the patients and their relatives.

School Health Check up camps

Company contribute for Health checks up camps by Registered Trusts/Societies registerd are being organized in the tribal schools of the area. During the camp students are also told about the personal hygiene and other healthy habits.


Distribution of jute coverings (Jhool) for cows of tribes:

To protect cows and other cattle of tribes we provide coverings made up of jute and plastic sacs to them every year. Till today we have distributed more than two thousands Jhools in more than 15 villages.